June’s Home Birth

Our sweet June girl was born at home on May 18, 2020 at 7:34pm. When we first found out we were pregnant with our girl, I knew I wanted a home birth; However, a home birth wasn’t always the plan. We went to our typical doctor visits through February, planning a hospital delivery. When we were learning more about the virus and restrictions that went along with it, we realized a midwife was our best option.

After much prayer and wise counsel, we found the perfect midwife and started having home visits right away. My husband and son were able to be with me. Gentry loved listening to June’s heartbeat and showing off his tractors to our midwife. We were able to develop a relationship with our midwife, making the experience even sweeter. Our visits never seemed rushed like I felt so many times in the doctor’s office. If I could do it again, I would have started with a midwife from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

Fast forward to May 18– I knew things were progressing when I woke up in the morning when I went to the bathroom and lost a key indicator (no details needed). I texted my midwife to let her know, although it could still be days before she was born. My husband, son and I decided to do some grocery shopping at Meijer, and on the way, I noticed some contractions beginning. I started timing them out of curiosity. They were short and not intense. When we got home, I rested for a while, hoping contractions would get longer and more intense.

In the early afternoon, my midwife came to check on me. I was five centimeters dilated. It was around then when things started to get intense and I had to remain super focused. I had been praying for a supernatural pain-free labor. I can honestly say what I felt wasn’t pain. It was intensity. I refused to let my body tense at any moment during my delivery, allowing my body to tell me what to do next. I never pushed unless I felt it’s what my body was telling me to do. Not pain, hard work.

We let things progress, and my midwife returned around fiveish. At this point, I was pretty uncomfortable and quiet. The nurse with my midwife said she didn’t know when I was having a contraction because I remained quiet and relaxed with my eyes closed majority of the time.

I remember feeling really tired and wanting to lay down at this point. However, my midwife told me I needed to walk to help things to progress. I was having only back labor, so the nurse was helping me with positions and applying pressure to my lower back in hopes that I wouldn’t deliver another posterior baby. Jordan (my husband) was with me every step of the way, telling me stories, praying over me and giving me hope that this was very temporary and I was strong enough to do this.

Finally after a lot of walking and hard work, my midwife told me to get in the shower at around seven. She said showers helped to progress labor. I got into the shower and let the water hit my back. It was then when I felt a pop which was my water breaking. I almost immediately felt the urge to push. I got out of the shower and went and laid in my bed. It seemed as though I was pushing forever, but it was about 20 minutes worth or less I would say. I tried different positions but found that on my side was most comfortable. (Something I love about midwives– you choose your position!) Jordan was an amazing coach, helping me to stay focused at a time when I felt exhausted.

I heard my midwife said that she saw her hair. Then I felt a small burst of energy enough to meet my little girl, and before I knew it, June was born at 7:34pm. They laid her on my chest and I saw my precious baby for the first time.

Although I wouldn’t call this a supernatural birth, it was an experience that let me know I was capable of anything. There wasn’t a thing I didn’t feel during her delivery, but I realized my mind has power over my body.

Throughout this pregnancy, God had been leading me to the book of Daniel. Through studying Daniel, I realized God didn’t deliver Daniel from the lion’s den, he helped him in it. Just like God didn’t deliver me of the intense delivery I had, but he helped me in it. Your internal mindset designs your external world and what you focus on grows. And all of that hard work made seeing June’s face that much more worth it.

I pray that this is an inspiration to all who are reading this!

Here are some words of encouragement I studied leading up to my delivery.

Anticipate good and you will be blessed!

Relax your jaw.

Don’t underestimate your own strength.

Be courageous and confident. The Lord is with you mighty warrior.

Our bodies can only experience pain when tension and fear are present.

Fear has no authority over me. Pain leave my body in Jesus’ name! God didn’t give me a spirit of fear.

I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me.

He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.

All things are possible for the one who believes.

God will carry the weight of making sure his promises are carried out.

Your body is subject to you, you aren’t subject to your body.

You are proof of the promise.

p.s. I am not responsible for any grammatical errors due to sleep deprivation. Also fun fact–They said they would hire Jordan as an aid if he’d be up for it due to how helpful he was with the cleanup and doula role. (I think he just wanted the placenta out of the house.)


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  1. Congratulations-I loved your article 😀


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