What is coaching?

A parent coach is someone who is a caring professional with thorough training, education and experiences who listens intently and impartially, asks parents thought-provoking questions, provides new information based on the latest research and gives suggestions in a co-constructive process that encourages fresh perspectives and strategies for themselves and their children.

How is coaching done?

It is flexible based on your needs. I can work with you either in person, over the phone, and/or by web conference. Remote coaching has many advantages: You don’t have to hire a sitter or make special plans to leave your house or desk. I can accommodate to fit your schedule – lunch hour at work, during your child’s nap time, or in the evening when things quiet down.

Are you like the Super Nanny?

Not at all. Television programs like Super Nanny invade the home and highlight the things parents are doing wrong. As your parent coach, collaboratively we will uncover the areas that are working well for you and your family and develop a plan to incorporate those strengths to address other challenging areas. My approach is highly respectful, affirmative, and will help draw out your creativity, helping you discover unique solutions and provide long-term positive changes.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is a collaborative process by which you, the client, choose the goals you want to work on or the situations you want to improve. I will then help to keep you on target and provide support, consultation, and suggestions to help you achieve your goals. The intention for coaching is for improvement, achievement, and greater fulfillment. Therapy’s goal is for greater improvement in functioning but it presumes that there is a lack of functioning or impairment as the starting point. If at any point the issues transcend our task, I will make a referral to the appropriate mental health provider.

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