My husband and I couldn’t be more thankful for Tierney and her wisdom and kindness. Over the course of 10 weeks Tierney coached  us without judgment, she makes you feel at ease and supported. We learned early on to  approach each situation with gratefulness. This small change made a huge improvement in not only our son but us as parents.  Her coaching is Christ centered and rooted in the word. I learned that my child’s actions and behavior doesn’t reflect on the kind of mom I am. And we are not the only parents going  through these situations and challenges. We learned to  watch for the small wins as God is creating something beautiful with them. As we continue on our parenting journey we have learned to keep taking steps forward, remaining joyful and hopeful knowing we hold the future that God has paved in our favor. It takes a village to raise a child and we are so thankful she is in ours and our sister in Christ.

Jen & Nate-Iowa

Throughout my journey of being coached by Tierney, she helped me learn about myself and how that played a role with the interactions in my daily life. She walked me through many self reflections in order to see the areas that I wanted to improve on and then helped me brainstorm changes that would have a lasting impact. The guidance is something I am forever grateful for, because I still reflect and use the things we came up with in my life today!

Katie-Greenfield, Indiana

I went to a presentation and it was wonderful. Such great and relevant information for parents!

Emily-Warsaw, Indiana

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