When I graduated from Ball State University in May of 2015 with my master’s degree in public relations, I thought, “What now?” I had worked at the Ball State Child Study Center Infant & Toddler Lab and Preschool for the previous four years, I studied early childhood development, media literacy, media strategies, strengthening the parent-teacher connection and so much more. I presented at multiple IAEYC conferences on these topics. I craved that same momentum in my post-graduate life.

My husband and I were married in October of 2015 and moved to Warsaw, Indiana. I watched my husband leave every day for his job, excited and energized by what he was doing. He had found joy and meaning in his work. I wanted to feel it too.

pcc-sealMy search for my perfect work began internally. I explored my unique strengths, interests and passions and realized, I needed to work with parents. After much prayer, wise counsel and deliberation, I discovered the Parent Coaching Institute (www.thepci.org). I am now a PCI Certified Parent Coach®.

You may wonder how many children I have raised. The answer is none. However, I am joyfully pregnant with my first child. Even though I have not yet raised my children, what I do have is a passion for Jesus and for helping parents rediscover the unique joy and meaning of parenting that God intended for you to experience. God is using me as an instrument for him in the parenting realm at this time and this moment. I am here to be your coach, collaborator, and most of all, biggest fan.