The Story Behind My Story

I recently had an exciting journey of publishing my first children’s book, Gentry & June, a Story for Mom & Dad, Too. I wrote this book to support parents who are in the challenging early years with their kiddos. I am in the midst of this beautiful but exhausting season, and I recognize the need for support in the little, every day moments– which can show up in as simple as reading a book to our little ones.

I would love to use this space to tell the story behind my story, and how this adventure came about.

For the past several years, I knew I was meant to write a book. However, I thought it would be a traditional book written to and for parents. Little did I know I’d write a children’s book for parents, too. One evening something I see everyday caught my eye in a new way. This picture of my “Tierney” frame was bought at a festival years ago and given to us as a gift. I had never truly SEEN the part that says, “She will make a good author someday” until I saw it that evening. It’s hard to explain, but in that moment, I just knew it was meant to be a children’s book.

I talked to my husband, Jordan, about my experience and immediately the idea of Gentry & June came to my mind with the intentions of creating a book to support parents too. What he said to me next was something he normally doesn’t have to say. “Tierney, I don’t want you to just talk about this. I want you to do it.”

The next day, I did some research and found WestBow Press, a self-publishing division of Thomas-Nelson and Zondervan Publishing. They gave me a call shorty after, and answered many questions. We prayed, and I contacted some of the wisest people I know to counsel me in this adventure. The next morning, someone I contacted for advice told me they received “a prompting in the night” to support me financially to sponsor my self-publishing process. If that is not a YES from the Lord, I don’t know what is!

It has been a whirlwind adventure as soon as I said yes. I wrote the words I wanted to say, worked with an illustrator and the process came together beautifully.

It is my hope that children and parents have the opportunity to bond over this book through a sweet story that has the unique power to speak to both the parent and child. May the children enjoy their parent’s lap and parent enjoy the adventure of the current season they are in because appreciating the little moments can change lives.

Thank you to all my prayer warriors, supporters and encouragers. I love you all!

Get your copy of this sweet story here:


One response to “The Story Behind My Story”

  1. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It’s inspirational to hear how it all came about. I can’t wait to buy your book for everyone as gifts.
    God bless you.
    Your enlightenment is a blessing to everyone who reads it, even grandmas. ❤️🙏


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